Widely known as one of the most popular fish for the aquarium, the guppies are not too picky about what they eat.

As an omnivores, they practically eat whatever you give to feed them, from plants, animals, or even commercial guppy food products. 

Not only it will add colors to your aquarium, but guppies are also more peaceful, less costly, and effortless to take care of. That’s why they are the favorite aquarium pet for beginner and seasoned fish fans or aquarists.

Native to the northeastern part of South America, do you know why people widely call them guppy?

It was Poecilia reticulata at first, in Venezuela, as described by Wilhelm Peters in 1859. The British Natural History Museum gave it the name of Girardinus guppii after Robert John Lechmere Guppy sent this species specimens in 1866.

Rossen and Bailey brought back the original name of Poecilia reticulata in 1963, to date, Girardinus guppii has been its junior synonym.

They also have other popular names. The first one is “The Million Fish” due to its impressive rate of breeding as the most popular and globally distributed of tropical and/or freshwater aquarium fish in the world.

The second one is “The Rainbow Fish” due to the wide array of colors they have. 

Back in their natural habitat, the guppy fish eat what they can find in their surrounding environment. It includes mosquito larvae, making them as freshwater breeding to control the population of these dipteran insects.

As for aquarium breeding, you better pick guppy fish food products in the form of high-quality and high-protein fish flakes.

Fish, shrimps, or other meaty products are some examples of high-quality and high-protein ingredients.

If the written list, for example, wheat and soy as the ingredients, it would be best not to choose them for they are only fillers.

More particularly if you have fry guppies, you need to find the right baby guppy food abundantly available in the market. 

Also, you can give your guppies more than one type of food, alternating between guppy foods, frozen or live foods, and vegetables.

Best Guppy Food You Should Consider

The following is a review of 10 of the best food for guppies you can consider before purchasing.

1. Hikari’s Tropical Fancy Guppy

Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy ( image : hikariusa.com)

Hikari offers its a 3-pack scientific fish food for all livebearers, including guppies, as their daily diet.

Tropical Fancy Guppy is a fish pellet in the flavor of soft granules which can be quickly softened but are not dissolving in the water.

The technology creates such a high-palatable pellet, each in encapsulated form, to ensure the whole package of nutrients.

There is also what-so-called the Micro-Coating™ that removes nutrient parasite and prevents murky water. 

Each pellet contains small crustacean krills, that is rich in astaxanthin and easy to synthesize. This natural source will make your guppies more vibrant in color.

This guppy food also consists of seaweed rich in iodine and helpful to improve breeding capacity or habits.  

Not only does it promote reproductive capability, but Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy also improves the overall wellness, disease resistance, and growth rates.

For the best result, you can feed your guppies two to three times per day. Each time, you have to give a certain amount of pellet where your guppies can fully finish in a few minutes. It’s better to not over-feed.

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2. Tetra’s TetraMin Tropical Flakes

TetraMin Tropical Flakes ( image : countrymax.com )

The next guppy fish food comes in the list is TetraMin Tropical Flakes by Tetra. It promotes a tropical food formulation for tropical fish, both for top and middle feeders. 

Not only easily digestible, but this guppy diet is also balance in nutrition for optimum wellness. Ideal for all-age guppies, the active life formulation in TetraMin Tropical Flakes contains prebiotics which is good for digestion.

It is also high in proteins that are important for growth, as well as antioxidants supporting healthy cell regeneration.

In a closer look, TetraMin Tropical Flakes consist of several prominent ingredients in various colors and nutrients.

There is a meticulous blend of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, immuno-stimulants, and biotin. It’s ideal for gaining energy and strengthening guppy’s resistance to stress or disease.

As said earlier, the flakes are high in protein, namely rich shrimp proteins. It’s not only significant for your fish’s healthy growth but also to maintain or improve their splendid colors.

In addition to the active live formula for the fish immune system, TetraMin Tropical Flakes features an upgraded clear-water formula.

Since the flakes are highly digestible, it results in less waste in the aquarium. Also, when given as instructed, the flakes will not make the water cloudier.

Great for top and mid feeders, you can give this guppy food two to three times per day. Feed them in a certain amount as much as they can eat within three-minute of time. 

3. Omega One’s Super Color Flakes

Omega One Super Color Flakes ( image : petco.com )

Omega One presents its Super Color Flakes that promotes nutrition, particularly, for boosting the fish color.

Omega One is widely known for inventing and having the patent for processing of fish foods straightway from fresh Alaskan wild-caught seafood.

Salmon, shrimp, and herring are some examples of natural sources for proteins and fats. 

It is also true with Super Color Flakes, making it one of the best food for guppies reviewed in the market. It offers surpassed quality with no fishmeals and other pre-processed proteins like hydrolysates, digests, and more. 

Instead, Super Color Flakes contain rich Omega-3 and 6 HUFAS’s (fatty acids).

This composition is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish in boosting energy and strengthening the immune system. The ultimate result is a lower rate of disease and death.

As its name implies, Super Color Flakes also consist of higher natural pigments of beta carotenes levels from the skin of ornamental salmon.

The benefit is restoring your guppies’ true colors and enhancing their healthier and more vibrant colors. 

Omega One Super Color Flakes offer less starch in a significant amount, therefore minimizing your guppies’ waste.

Moreover, they are naturally water-insoluble, consequently reducing water pollution in your tank. In other words, they give you a cleaner aquarium.

As for the feeding instruction, apply Super Color Flakes one to three times on a daily basis, as much as your guppies can eat in a two-minute period of time.

4. API’s Tropical Greens Flakes 

API Tropical Greens Flakes ( image : amazon.com )

The complete name for this API’s fish food product is TROPICAL GREENS FLAKES Optimal Protein Food for Algae & Plant Eating Fish.

It is not only a complete package but also balanced diets produced particularly for herbivorous fish, such as guppies, mollies, swordtails or cichlid.

API’s TROPICAL GREENS FLAKES has the formula containing carotenoids of carrot, marigold, and spirulina. This formulation has the benefit of enhancing your guppies healthier and more brilliant colors.

The color enhancement formula goes along with algae (six species), beetroot pulp, and a blend of particular plants.

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This composition contains a high fiber level that is good to boost your guppies healthy digestion as well as development and growth.

Not to mention the concoction of vitamins C and E, yeast, and garlic that is significant to promote your fish immunity.

Those enhanced proteins lead to more effortless uptake and optimum absorption. Due to that easy digestive process, your guppies will release less ammonia (up to 30%), leading to cleaner and less cloudy water.

Some reasons for a higher level of ammonia in the tank are overfeeding, uneaten food, poorly or undigested food, and low in palatability. If the ammonia level rises, it will lead to cloudier water or even fish mortality.

As a feeding guide, feed your guppies twice a day in as much as amount they can eat within three minutes. 

5. Tetra’s TetraColor Tropical Flakes

Tetra Color Tropical Flakes ( image : yourpetfoodguide.com )

TetraColor Tropical Flakes offers a high quality of nutritionally balanced diet and color enhancement in one package.

This guppy fish food has many benefits for your top- and mid- feeding tropical fish as well.

The propriety Active Life Formula provides all the nourishment your guppies need that strengthens their immune system. Ultimately, it will support their longer and healthier lives. 

For each flake, it contains antioxidants that are significant for healthier cells. There are also selected proteins important for the growth process. Not to mention the prebiotics which is helpful for the digestive system.

As we get from the name, TetraColor Tropical Flakes offers a particular formula serving as a fish natural color enhancer. Moreover, the flakes are unlikely to produce leaching.

As a result, you can be happy with your guppies vivid colors while swimming in refreshingly clearer and cleaner water.

The proper daily feeding is two or three times in amount that as much as they can finish in three minutes. 

6. Fluval’s Hagen Color Enhancing Flakes 

Fluval Hagen Color Enhancing Flakes (image : amazon.com )

Fluval enters the tropical fish food and offers a color enhancement formula with its Hagen Color Enhancing Flakes.

This guppy flake is also high in quality and super palatable, making it one of the best food for guppies in the market.

Your guppies are going to love this product since it provides an excellent nutrition source. It has rich protein supply along with other elements and antioxidants.

Those trace elements come from several main ingredients, such as the well-known Atlantic herrings and Norwegian krills.

You can also find the composition of kelps, the large-sized, brown-colored algae seaweeds of Laminarialesa order. Kelp is highly nutritious as it’s a rich source of Omega-3, proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and complex carbohydrates.

The production carries out a responsible process of harvesting the kelps to ecologically conserve the sustainability of the future stock and existence.

The effective formula of fish color enhancers elevates your guppies colors to the next brilliant level. As for the feeding direction, feed them two or three times per day, as much as your guppy can consume then in two minutes. 

7. Cobalt Aquatics’s Ultra Pellet Guppy

Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Pellet Guppy ( image : chewy.com )

The next guppy food comes from Cobalt Aquatics with its Ultra Pellet Guppy – All Natural Fish Food.

This fish diet products proudly promotes its Ultra Guppy Nano Bits Floating feature, not only ideal for guppies but also other surface-feeding livebearer fish like mollies, platies, and more. 

Ideal for guppies in all life stages, these pellets also boasts of its 100% natural ingredients without artificial elements, colors, or even preservatives.

Instead, it offers more prebiotics and probiotics in each pellet. The nutritious blend contains, among others, Sword Prawns in a whole, fish fillets, seaweeds, and garlic.

The color enhancement formula helps to bring out the best and beautiful colors of your guppies. For a daily healthy diet, feed your guppies as much as the amount that they can eat within 3-minute of time.

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Cobalt Aquatics – Ultra Pellet Guppy also produces less fish waste, less cloudy water, hence a cleaner fish tank.

8. Aquacarium’s Veggivore Flakes 

Veggivore Flakes ( image : yourfishstuff.com )

Aquacarium produces its fresh small batches of Veggivore Flakes, the Natural Veggie Flakes, particularly ideal for tropical and herbivore fish diet. 

This USA-based manufacture produces Veggivore Flakes in small deal options; most of them are less than 100 pounds in weight.

The production process uses ultra-fresh, all-natural ingredients in their high quality. As a result, each flake has no artificial colors, fillers, ethoxyquin, or even preservatives.

Vegetable in flavor, if you look at the package, you can see the list of key ingredients like spirulina, kelps, peas, and salmon. Without the presence of low-cost fillers make it an excellent choice for enthusiastic guppy aquarists. 

Your guppies will look great and happy in a fresh and clear water tank. The better quality of ingredients also creates no small flake powders that tend to clog your filter.

Therefore, you need not too frequently clean or even replace your filter pads. In other words, you can save more time, effort, and money, more especially in the long term.

9. New Life Spectrum’s AlgaeMax Wafers

New Life Spectrum AlgaeMax Wafers ( image : thetechden.com.au)

The manufacturer, New Life International, comes with its brand of New Life Spectrum to offer its AlgaeMax Wafers. This kind of fish food is ideal not only for herbivore but also tropical, as well as omnivores.

You can apply AlgaeMax Wafers to freshwater and saltwater fish species or environments.

These sinking wafers are great for those aquarium inhabitants that require a varying and all-around diet. Or, they cannot get the daily nutrition just from a single-ingredient fish pellets, for example.

As one of the guppy food options available in the market, AlgaeMax Wafers has a specialized mixture of nutritious ingredients.

It includes algae and seaweeds in nine different species, such as spirulina, red seaweeds, and many more. These nutrients are significant for improving the immune system and digestive system.  

They also have no artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives in their high-quality blend. Those zero artificial ingredients help your guppies to be healthier and enhance your beautiful and vibrant natural colors as well.

These sinking wafers are not easy to decompose in the water, thereby won’t create water cloudiness or even pollution in your aquarium.

10. New Life Spectrum Float Surface Feeder

New Life Spectrum Float Surface Feeder ( image : amazon.com )

The Float Surface Feeder is another fish food offer that comes from the New Life Spectrum brand. It is a daily balanced diet for freshwater and marine fish collections. 

These floating pellets are easily edible and digestible containing all-natural and color-enhancing ingredients in their high quality.

Several nutritiously fresh elements are krills and herrings of South Antarctic, which are rich in proteins.  

The key ingredients also include Algae Meal containing kelps, seaweeds, premium-grade non-artificial spirulina, microalgae (Haematococcus Pluvialis), and extracts of healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables.

Broccoli, spinach, peas, tomato, apple, kiwi, mango, green/red cabbage, papaya are some of the examples. 

As a guppy food, Float Surface Feeder helps with boosting your fish immunity by repelling the parasites.

It also offers a hormone formula that is free of color-enhancing agent, consequently intensifies your guppies colors in their full spectrum.

You can feed your guppies twice per day in an amount as much as your fish can finish in one up to two minutes. 

Guppies are easy feeders as they will eat almost anything you feed them. However, if you have fry in your tank, you need to feed them in a high-quality diet.

You may give them several small amounts of baby guppy food, brine shrimp for fry, or first-rate flakes in the form of fine powders.

There are a lot of options for the best food for guppies available. Still, if you want to have happy, healthy, and beautiful guppies, opt for the appropriate products in high-quality features.