Mystery snails are just like human in that they need calcium to maintain their shells and stay healthy. But do you know where mystery snails get their calcium intake?

If you have the same question, you are on the right page. You are about to learn about the best calcium supplements for mystery snails.

Unlike humans, mystery snails or apple snails cannot just get a calcium supplement from a pill. Instead, they get it from the food and water in their surroundings.

Thus, it is essential to provide them with a nutrition-rich source to ensure the pets get enough calcium.

Why is calcium essential for apple snails? What options do you have to give the pets enough calcium each and every day? Do your mystery snails have brittle shells and do you plan on calcium increase?

Here is everything you need to know.

The Importance of Calcium for Mystery Snails

Source of calcium for mystery snails
Source of calcium for mystery snails (Source:

Calcium is often associated with bone strength and growth. But why do mystery snails need calcium when they do not have bones?

Yes, they don’t have bones but they do have shells. About 95 percent of their shells are made of calcium carbonate, hence they require enough calcium to maintain shell strength.

Much like other snails, a strong shell helps them protect their soft, vulnerable bodies from predators. Shells also keep their internal organs safe and always protected, so they can travel through the tank without worries. The more calcium they get, the stronger their shells become.

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Calcium deficiency may lead to a variety of shell issues, like cracked shells and pale color. Flaking and chipping may also sign that your mystery snails lack of calcium.

Potential Sources of Calcium

In the wild, apple snails get calcium from water and food. They commonly thrive in water that contains a high level of calcium and favorable pH but the tank environment is a bit different.

No worries, you can provide an adequate amount of calcium both from food and water so your pets can grow healthy.


Mystery Snails on a tank
Mystery Snails on a tank (Source:

Food is the main source of calcium for mystery snails. There are plenty of sources to take into consideration but providing cuttlebone is the most effective and easiest way to achieve the goal.

So, what should we feed mystery snails for calcium? You can also add some calcium-rich veggies to the tank, such as kale and zucchini.

Some pet owners also choose leaf lettuce, basil, and cabbage as a potential source of calcium for mystery snails.

No matter your diet choice, it is important to keep the tank clean. Remove leftover from the tank so it doesn’t foul the tank.


Clean tank for fish
Clean tank for fish (Source:

The second option to provide mystery snails with adequate calcium is ensuring the water has a sufficient amount of this nutrient.

It can be a bit daunting but it is still doable. One of the easiest ways is water mineralization which helps maintain calcium content and pH balance.

In addition to calcium, this method provides essential mineral that helps mystery snails thrive and live longer, such as magnesium and potassium. This is something mystery snails need to stay healthy.

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How to Add Mystery Snail Calcium Supplements into the Tank

Now that you know the importance of calcium for mystery snails, it is time to get to know different methods to add calcium supplements into the tank.

There are several ways to try it out, so you can choose the easiest one for your version.

Calcium-Rich Veggies

Cabbage for Mystery Snails
Cabbage for Mystery Snails

There is a long list of vegetables that contain a high amount of calcium. Let’s mention spinach, green beans, cabbage, and kale—yes, these veggies are not only good for humans but also for snails.

All these veggies have a different amounts of calcium, so you may want to combine them.

To keep your veggies fresh a little longer, it is highly recommended to blanch them before putting them into the tank. After 48 hours, always remember to remove the leftover so it doesn’t turn into waste in your fish tank.

Chicken Eggshell

Eggshells source of calcium.
Eggshells source of calcium.

Chicken eggshells can be one of the most effective calcium supplements for mystery snails. Quite similar to snail shells, chicken eggshell contains 98 percent of calcium carbonate.

If you need cost-effective water mineralization then adding eggshells is worth trying.

How to do this method is pretty simple.

Boil the eggshell for 5 to 10 minutes to kill potential bacteria. Let cool and dry. Roast the shells in a microwave for 10 minutes or until completely dry.

It should come out crispy. Grind the eggshells using a coffee grinder and add the powder to your snail tank.

Cuttlefish Bones

Cuttlefish bone countain a high amount of Ca
Cuttlefish bone countain a high amount of Ca (Source:

Another cheap yet popular product to add minerals to the tank is cuttlefish bone. When you visit a pet store, it can be easily found in the bird section.

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Cuttlefish bones contain a high amount of calcium and their porosity makes them quite easy to cut.

Before adding cuttlefish bones to your tank, you will need to cut them into smaller pieces. Simply put the bones into your tank and they will dissolve.

Once dissolves, it releases calcium which can be consumed by your mystery snails.

Antacid Tablets

Calcium carbonate source of Ca for Mystery Snails
Calcium carbonate source of Ca for Mystery Snails

Antacid tablets mostly contain calcium carbonate which is an amazing source of calcium for mystery snails.

Many snail keepers claim that antacid tablets are effective for increasing calcium intake but some others claim the opposite.

Despite the controversy, using an antacid tablet can be a bit tricky. You should know how much to add to the snail tank so your pets don’t get an overdose.

Although it doesn’t have side effects, adding an antacid tablet may affect the parameter of your tank water.

Store-bought Calcium Supplement for Mystery Snails

Snails Care
Snails Care (Source:

Not least of all, you may opt for store-bought products to increase the calcium level in your snail tank.

There’s a variety of food supplements that promise essential nutrients for mystery snails, including an adequate amount of calcium and other minerals.

How to use each product may vary. Follow the instructions and dosage so your snails can enjoy the benefits at their most.

Final Words

Ensuring that your mystery snails get enough calcium is important to keep them thriving. With a wide variety of options, simply select calcium supplements that fit your budget and preferences.

Whether you are into cheap and natural products or store-bought items, it is up to your personal choice.