People are interested to keep betta fish because of their long fins and exotic colors. However, those who never take care of betta fish usually wonder about crucial factors like do betta fish eat other fish. It is because bettas are well-known for their aggressive behavior, even though some are considerably laid-back.

It is essential to know about can betta fish live with other fish if you want to keep it together with other fish. Each fish species has different characteristics that may not match another fish. It is possible for betta fish to prey on their tank mates. Thus, make sure you equip yourself with the appropriate care guide.

What Other Fish Can Live with Betta Fish?

Although bettas are usually aggressive, most fishes can live together with bettas safely. Betta fishes have small mouths so they only will eat small fish. It will help you to choose suitable companions if you want to keep betta fish with other tank mates in the same tank.

Depending on the betta fish’s personality, you can cohabitate this fish with other fishes or water invertebrates. Hence, look for what fish not to put with a betta and what fish you can put in the tank and live harmoniously with bettas. Below are several tank mates that can get along with betta fish.

Cory Catfish

Cory catfish can be betta fish tank mate.
Cory catfish can be betta fish tank mate. (Image:

If you are still wondering do betta fish eat other fish, it is unlikely if you cohabitate with Cory Catfish. It likes to swim at the bottom of a tank. Adding three to six cory catfishes can make them comfortable and safe because they tend to swim in a group.

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Some available species that get along with bettas well are panda cory, pygmy cory, and albino cory. When they reach one to three inches in length, they prefer shoaling around the tank bottom to eat the leftovers. So, you must provide various sinking foods to ensure they eat plentifully.

Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin Rasboras
Harlequin Rasboras (Image: @themarvelouskeynes on Reddit)

Do betta fish eat other fish like Rasboras? It can be yes or no depending on the species. For instance, Chili Rasbora is the smallest species that only grow between 0.5 to 0.75 inches. This tiny fish is too thin so it can be a part of the betta fish’s diet.

However, Harlequin Rasboras are friendlier to bettas due to their bigger size. These rasboras can grow up to 2 inches and like to socialize with each other so it will be better to add some in the tank for peaceful nature. They likely stay away from bettas so it prevents you from worrying much.

Ember Tetra

Ember Tetra
Ember Tetra (Image:

Ember tetra is another fish you can put in the same tank as bettas. These fish come in different colors although they belong to the same species. Orange-reddish tetras can make the tank look livelier. You also can mix them with blue or white tetras for a contrasting look.

Tetras tend to shoal around in the middle of the tank so they can share foods with bettas. Yet, it is easier for you to feed the whole tank’s inhabitants. Do betta fish eat other fish like tetras? It will not happen if you add a group of tetras to the tank. Bettas will be harder to chase each.

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Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loach
Kuhli Loach (Image:

Kuhli Loach can grow up to 3.5 inches which is longer than bettas. They are nocturnal creatures that like to hide during the daytime. They are more active at night when betta fish are sleeping. They usually eat the leftovers from bettas so you must give them enough sinking foods like pellets and frozen bloodworms.

Since they are active at different times, Kuhli Loaches can be good tank mates even for aggressive betta fish. You do not need to worry again about do beta fish eat other fish because you can choose other water creatures like Kuhli Loaches to live with bettas in a single tank.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail

Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Malaysian Trumpet Snail (Image:

Malaysian Trumpet snail can be alternative companions for betta fish. This snail is active at night and burrows during the daylight. Adding a couple at the beginning is enough because they can breed fast if received enough food. To control the population, you can reduce the food.

This snail helps to clean the tank of any algae and does not produce too much waste. They can live harmoniously in the tank without preying on each other. You can add trumpet snails if you still wonder do betta fish eat other fish.

Do Betta Fish Eat Other Bettas?

Betta fish can still live with other fish inside the same fish tank.
Betta fish can still live with other fish inside the same fish tank.

Betta fish likely live alone but if you put them together in a tank, do betta fish eat each other? In their natural habitat, which is a paddies field, male bettas like to fight to protect their territory. If bettas are killing each other, it does not refer to cannibalism.

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Instead, male bettas possibly bite their rivals to keep them far away from their territory. Thus, make sure you use a very big tank to keep several betta fish, especially if there is more than one male betta fish. The standard size to keep a group of male bettas is 40 gallons.

This size will ensure the mild male bettas stay far from the dominant ones. However, if you only have a small tank, you need to avoid keeping two male bettas together in one tank. Hence, do betta fish eat other fish from the same species? It may happen due to territory reasons. 

Do Betta Fish Eat Their Eggs?

Many fishes like to break their eggs. However, betta fishes are good parents. In the tank, bettas likely put their eggs in the corner with minimum flows. Male bettas oversee the eggs before hatching. Even male bettas protect their babies until they are safe enough to scavenge from the nest.

Bettas may eat their eggs when they are bad like the ones affected by the fungus, infertile, or dead. Male bettas will eat these undeveloped eggs to save the good ones. It is because fungal threads can affect other good eggs when they have infected one.

Bettas rarely eat other fish because most fish are too big so they cannot fit the bettas’ mouth. Even many smaller fishes can swim faster in the tank than betta fish so bettas are unlikely to eat them. If it possibly happens, it is because the fish’s size is too small and they swim slowly in the tank.

However, it does not mean that your betta should always live alone in the tank. There are several fish and water creatures that get along well with betta fish. Not only because they have bigger sizes but also due to different characteristics that allow shifting active time.