Among many kinds of fish, halfmoon dumbo ear betta fish is one of the most owned pets in the world. The fish is popular because the color is vibrant, and they live for a long time in the right condition. They live in wildlife and tanks as long as the tank is supportive.

Many people choose this fish to be their pet because they are very rare. The price of this betta fish is very expensive.

When it is in the category of super rare color betta fish, the price soars high and it can be a great business. Here is some information that you need to know about this betta fish.

What is Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Betta Fish?

Halfmoon dumbo betta fish or elephant ear betta fish is one of the betta fishes that has been domesticated more than 1000 years ago. Fish live well in the wild because they know how to get food. Though it is domesticated now, the fish is still hard to breed.


The originality of Elephant ear betta fish is still argued because it exists in many countries in Asia and Europe. The fish used to be the pet of King Rama of Siam because it is attractive to him, especially the color and the shape of the edge. Now, fish is popular all over the world.

The shape

Usually Halfmoon dumbo ear betta can be recognize easily by their huge fins.


The male halfmoon dumbo betta fish looks brighter. The pattern is very distinctive. Their body can have more than two colors and the contrast is very clear. The tail of male betta fish is longer than female, yet it does look like a halfmoon but bigger than its own body.


The female of this fish type does not have many differences from the male ones. Only the tail is shorter than the male. The pattern of female betta is fewer than the male, but the color is still vibrant. The features of the colors are simpler.

Halfmoon Dumbo Betta Colors

Halfmoon dumbo ear or elephant ear betta fish have many colors and most colors are available. The pattern is the only difference they have, both in males and females. The patterns that you can easily find are grizzle, solid, bi-color, full mas, dragon scale, and piebald.

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The mustard fish is the most common fish that you find at the market. The body is darker than the edge of the fish. Another color is green or shaded black on the tail. Since it is the most common, this halfmoon dumbo betta fish is the cheapest at the market.


Purple becomes the rare color of the halfmoon type. Under the light, it is translucent and at the market is the most expensive type to sell. The shade changes between red and lavender. Usually, all of its body is true purple.


The bi-colored fish means two colors dominate the body. It is extremely common as well in the market. The color combination varies and usually, the edge of the tails has another shaded black. 


Another variation of color that you can find at the market is butterfly betta. This fish splits the color about 50:50. The tail color itself is pale and translucent. Though the color is common, the market still sells this fish at a high price because of the rare color combination.


The dragon halfmoon dumbo betta fish is a fish that has bright red and some orange shades. There is a metallic shade of the fish and it looks like a dragon. The halfmoon tail is brighter with a combination of white and opaque.

How to Breed Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Betta Fish

Halfmoon dumbo betta fish inside a fish tank.
Halfmoon dumbo betta fish inside a fish tank. (Image: Pinterest)

Here are some tips from us if you plan to breed halfmoon dumbo ear betta fish.

1. Setting up a proper tank

The first thing you have to do is set up a tank. You should follow the requirements of the tank size and water size. Since you will mate a male and female, the tanks should be a 10-gallon of water size to make them breed comfortably.

2. Check the fish

The fish should be ready for breeding. You have to choose fish without any fungi, parasites, or diseases. The healthy fish can breed faster and they won’t bring any diseases to eggs. Don’t mate a passive fish since it is a sign that the fish is sick.

3. The size

The male size of the halfmoon dumbo betta fish should be bigger than the female or at least they have the same size. A bigger female is more aggressive and dominant. The male becomes passive if they are smaller than the female.

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4. Introduce the fish

You can have separate glasses on the tank first before you put them together. The male betta fish will try to attract the female. If the female shows signs that she is attracted to the male, usually the female will be aggressive. Place out the separate glass.

5. Creating a nest

The male fish creates a nest in the tank. The female will come to the nest. The breeding process will start. Usually, the fish dance together during the mating process. This processing period is different.

6. Laying an egg

The female halfmoon dumbo betta fish will lay the egg on the nest. Meanwhile, the male will look after the eggs. You can separate the female fish from the tank.

7. Separating the fish

After that, you have to separate the fry into another container. Nursing the baby fish is easy and they are independent as well. Once they are big enough, follow the requirements of taking care of the halfmoon dumbo ear betta fish in general.

Halfmoon Dumbo Betta Fish Size

The size of halfmoon dumbo betta fish is small. The largest one is only 3 inches since it is a decorative pet in the tank. The smaller one that can be a female is only 2.5 inches. No matter how much food you have given, the size will remain.

Halfmoon Dumbo Betta Care

A 12-weeks old halfmoon dumbo.
A 12-weeks old halfmoon dumbo. (Image:

If you plan to own this halfmoon betta fish, here are some things that you should note.

Tank size

The tank size is the most important concern for halfmoon dumbo ear betta. The size should at least hold about 5 gallons of water. It is adjustable only for a fish. The bigger the tank size, the better the life of the fish. You have to ensure that the tank size is strong to hold the water.

If you want to put more than one fish, then the tank should be more than 10 gallons of water. However, sharing the tank with other species might increase the chance of halfmoon dumbo betta getting sick easily. Their life expectancy might be shorter than it should be.

Tank environment

The thank environment is another crucial part you must prepare for halfmoon dumbo betta. Besides the size of the tank, the pH and temperature of the water should be right. You have to install a filter for the water, so it can be clean and the parameters of the environment are ideal.

This fish is more intelligent than the average. The stimulation from the tank is what you need because the fish get bored easily. Their immune system is also getting weakened if the environment is not supportive. The solution is to install additional ornaments to make the environment feel natural.

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You can place some rocks, caves, and plants in the tank, you might want to consider adding red aquarium plants to add more color to your fish tank. The betta fish will like it because they stimulate their intelligence. You can create a hiding place in the tank as well, so they can feel secure. Usually, the fish in the wild will hide to avoid some predators.

The food

Food is a vital factor to ensure that the halfmoon dumbo betta will grow healthily. You can mix various foods to make them fully-nutrition. The common food that they usually get is fish pellets, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, flakes, and blood worms.

Giving the food to this fish should be careful as well. You only have to feed them once a day in the morning. Giving them more than once means over-feeding and it is very dangerous for them. They might have swim bladder disease because of too much food.

Water temperature

It is important to set the temperature in the tank. The fish will live well if the water is only about 72-82F. Halfmoon dumbo betta is a tropical fish, so they tend to live in that range. Measuring the temperature uses a thermometer to help you.

Water flow

The water flow is from the infiltration. The flow should be very gentle. The harsh stream will only make the fish are difficult to swim in the tank. They will be tired. Make sure the filter stream works without hurting them because of it.

Water pH

The pH should be between 6-8. Though they can live in acidic water, giving them a life in neutral pH won’t hurt them. It is also easier to set the pH since you have to adjust other factors such as oxygen level and temperature. Do the pH test before placing the fish in the tank.


Giving some substrates in the tank will make them live better. You can put some pebbles, gravel, and sand on the bottom of the tank. They are materials that are easy to clean. They give natural look to the tank as well.

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Taking care of halfmoon dumbo ear betta fish is not challenging. They eat well with the right food. The setting for the tank is normal, just like you pet other kinds of fish. However, the fish is easily stressed. Therefore, you have to know how to care for the fish well to make it have a long life expectancy.

The betta fish in the category of halfmoon dumbo is a rare fish, especially the color. Every fish has a different color and pattern. They are the reason why fish is very expensive in the market. It can be a good business if you are willing to breed this fish.